Bearded Collie  "of Caledonian Tannach"

The Bearded Collie or Beardie is a kind of scotish herdingdog. You will find many items about Bearded Collies in here, like the breed of Beardies, family life with Bearded Collies, Bearded Collie puppy diary, Bearded Collie Chat, Bearded Collie Forum, free Beardie postcards. The picture on the right shows our Bearded Collie Kascha with her daughter Luna.  Click on their picture to read more about Bearded Collies and our family. We hope, the loading time of the pages is not too long, please be patient. There are many Berded Collie pictures in here. This site will be updated and renewed frequently, so visit us again soon.

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Bearded Collie Kascha and Luna
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